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What is the GHACCYO?

The GHACCYO is the Galveston-Houston Archdiocesan Catholic Committee for Youth Organizations. This committee facilitates the NFCYM awards for youth in our archdiocese.

Mission Statement

We are committed to fostering the Catholic spiritual development of members of Youth Organizations as designated by the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese authorized administrators.

Adult Award Nominations

Did you know that we have awards for adults? We know that none of our youth would be earning medals if it weren't for the dedicated adults who work with them. Learn more about the adult awards and nominate someone today!


Archbishop's Trophy

The Archbishop’s Trophy is presented annually at the GHACCYO Award Ceremony to the parish within the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston whose youth have made outstanding contributions of service to the church, community, and home, and have made continued progress in their own spiritual development. The parish makes a vital contribution toward the achievement of this trophy by offering opportunities for the members to enrich their spiritual life and by informing and helping youth acquire one or more of the religious awards sponsored by the Galveston-Houston Archdiocesan Catholic Committee for Youth Organizations.


God Is Love   Family Of God   I Live My Faith   Mary, The First Disciple   The Spirit Alive   Missio   Archbishop's Gold

Award Workshop/Retreat

February 21, 22, 23

Deadlines are quickly approaching to complete the medal requirements. Are you on schedule?

All youth (K thru 12) and adults are invited to join us in Seabrook and stay for the day, night, or weekend to get award requirements completed.

Sign up by February 16th



Important Dates

15 Mar 2020 - APPLICATION deadline for Archdiocesan Religious Award Ceremony
Awards for Parish Ceremonies due 30 days prior to ceremony date

18 Apr 2020 - AWARD PRESENTATION at Archdiocesan Religious Award Ceremony
at St. Justin Martyr Catholic Community - 13350 Ashford Point Dr, Houston, TX 77082

Renew your registration (Adults and Youth) for the upcoming year

30 Nov 2020 - PROJECT APPROVAL deadline for The Spirit Alive and Missio Dei

Adult Training

This 2.5 hour training will enable you to be an Adult Advisor for youth working on awards.

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