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Woman of Integrity

Femina Integritatis

Open to all American Heritage Girls registered members in the Patriot level. Non-Catholic AHG Patriots may work on this award with special permission from the Archdiocese.

Notes for Youth

  • An orientation is required before beginning work on this award.
Schedule an Orientation

Notes for Parents

Notes for Mentors/POC

  • Register Youth before submitting applications.
  • Provide opportunities for youth to complete all 4 chapters in the Segment.
  • Verify all requirements are met (review workbook).
  • Ensure forms are properly filled out and signed.
  • Take completed books to the parish designate for signature.
  • Arrange parish ceremony (optional - GHACCYO trained advisors only).
  • Submit award applications and pay fees.

Required Adult Training

(see Adult Training page for more details)
  • AHG registered Adult membership
  • Safe Haven
  • AHG Catholic Faith Award Training (AHGEquip App) - must be completed prior to doing any GHACCYO training
  • GHACCYO General Training
  • GHACCYO Woman of Integrity Training
  • Adults who are not registered members of AHG must read the Faith Award Overview document rather than completing the training on AHGEquip App

Woman of Integrity medalsWoman of Integrity patchesFemina Integritatis (Woman of Integrity) encourages Catholic Patriots to internalize and immerse themselves in what it means to be a Catholic Woman of Integrity. Prayer and discussion are essential elements of this study with opportunities for outings and engaging speakers. Through study of the Holy Sacrifi ce of the Mass, Our Blessed Mother, the lives of the saints, and the sacraments, Patriots discern God’s call for their lives after high school.

The adult guide can be found in the Woman of Integrity workbook (pages 4-5). Adult mentors must be GHACCYO trained.

There are 4 segments, each with 4 chapters to be completed:

  1. My Catholic Identity
  2. My Catholic Values
  3. My Catholic Tradition
  4. Living My Catholic Faith

There are several components per chapter to complete. An adult mentor must sign at the completion of each chapter.

  • Focus: Theme for each chapter
  • Prayer Focus: Individualized daily prayer plan for each segment
  • Saint of the Chapter
  • Reflection
  • Roundtable Discussion
  • Activity

The Compass pin is earned after completing sections 1 and 2. The Quiver pin is earned after completing sections 3 and 4.


  • Completion Page (one at the conclusion of segments 1 and 2; a second for the conclusion of segments 3 and 4)

Don't forget! 5 signatures are needed on the application:

1. Youth 4. Parent (at the conclusion of the book only)
2. Mentor 5. Pastor (at the conclusion of the book only)
3. Troop Shepherd

Woman of Integrity

Age of Youth

9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade

Approximate Commitment

15-20 hours of meeting time plus time spent in service requirements per segment (year)

Award Received At

Archdiocesan Ceremony
Parish Ceremony
Troop Ceremony

(pin only once all segments are complete - segment completion patches can be received at a Troop award ceremony)

Errors in Book

  • Signature pages at the end of each chapter: Troop Shepherd should have the word “signature” after it.
  • The second Completion Page at the end of the book is for the completion of segments 3 and 4, NOT for 1 through 4 as indicated on the page.

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