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Family of God

Notes for Parents

Notes for Mentors

(Adult Advisors)

  • Register Youth before submitting award applications.
  • Provide opportunities for youth to complete all 3 chapters in the book.
  • Verify all requirements are met (review award book).
  • Ensure forms are properly filled out and signed.
  • Take completed books to the parish designate for signature.
  • Arrange parish ceremony (optional).
  • Submit award applications and pay fees.

Required Adult Training

(see Adult Training page for more details)
  • Safe Haven (formerly called VIRTUS)
  • GHACCYO Mentor Training
  • GHACCYO Family of God Training
Family of God medalFamily of God patch

The Family of God award is designed to complement the catechetical efforts of the parish and families with children in grades 2 & 3. The program helps children discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members of their family and parish. Here are some tips as you work through this program with your youth.

The adult guide can be found at the end of the Family of God workbook (pages 41-48). This is a bilingual book with English on one side, Spanish on the other.

There are 6 chapters. For each chapter, complete any 3 of the listed activities, as well as the summary at the end of the chapter.


  • Application for Family of God Medal (p. 49)
  • Parent Evaluation (p. 51) – filled out by parent
  • Group Advisor Evaluation (p. 53) – filled out by Mentor

Don't forget! 4 signatures are needed on the application:

 1. Youth   3. Mentor (Adult Advisor)
 2. Parent  4. Parish Designate
Family of God

Age of Youth

2nd and 3rd Grade

Approximate Commitment

3 - 6 months

Award Received At

Archdiocesan Ceremony
Parish Ceremony
Troop Ceremony

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