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Committee Positions

 *open positions for 2023-24

Membership is open to all adults who:

  • Are 18 years and older.
  • Have completed current Safe Haven training through the Galveston-Houston Archdiocese.
  • Have completed current GHACCYO Mentor Training.
  • Develop their knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Archdiocesan Scout Chaplain and the following elected officers:

In addition to the Executive Officers, the following positions complete the GHACCYO membership:


  • Shall be the principle officer of the Committee and shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee Board, Committee Meetings, or General Membership Meetings.
  • Shall report to the general membership on the conduct and management of the affairs of the Committee. Communicates and coordinates with the Archdiocesan Scout Chaplain.
  • Approves the Committee budget prepared by the Treasurer.
  • Recruits qualified adults to serve on the Committee and ensures all Committee roles are filled.
  • Schedules regular Committee meetings to review progress of current programs and present new information.
  • Appoints members of standing or ad-hoc teams (ex: Mentor Training, Launch Day, Award Ceremony).
  • Responsible for ensuring appropriate records are kept and maintained by the committee (generally delegated to Historian).
  • Prepares and publishes the annual Committee calendar of events and deadlines in collaboration with the entire Committee.
  • Shall perform such other duties as are prescribed elsewhere in the bylaws and are usual to this office.

Vice Chair

  • Shall assist the Chair in such duties as the Chair shall assign and shall perform the duties of the Chairman in the event of the Chairman’s absence.
  • Oversees the Event Chairs for all GHACCYO events, including: GHACCYO Award Ceremony and Reception, Launch Day, Patch Days, Workshop Weekends, etc.
  • Finds and secures location/venues for all GHACCYO events.
  • Shall perform such duties as are usual to the office.


  • Informs the Executive Committee and Board of meeting times and agenda.
  • Records the minutes of all Executive and Committee meetings.
  • Provides meeting minutes to Executive Committee within seven (7) days of meetings for review.
  • Maintains a file of all meeting minutes and provides said file to Historian at the end of each program year.
  • Shall perform such duties as are usual to the office.


  • Is responsible for the receipt and custody of all monies of the Committee and for the disbursement thereof.
  • Responsible for preparing accurate records of all monies received and disbursed and providing the Executive Committee with a monthly summary statement of balances, income, and expenses.
  • Prepares a Year End financial statement following the Program Year. Shall perform such other duties as are usual to this office.


  • Maintains control of small inventory of medals, patch, and books for each award level.
  • Maintains a display of medals and patches to be used at promotional events.
  • Provides the Executive Committee with a monthly summary report of inventory.
  • Updates the database of youth who have registered for and/or completed award requirements.
  • Updates calendar with parish award ceremonies.
  • Collects youth applications and evaluations for program awards.
  • Registers youth for the appropriate award ceremony.
  • Processes program registrations and transfers payments to the Treasurer.
  • Shall perform such other duties as are usual to this office.


  • Maintains the website with all permanent material and information especially related to the GHACCYO, including award programs, budget summaries, meeting minutes, event records, bylaws, records of who has served and is currently serving on the committee and in what roles, and all other records generated by the committee.
  • Collects photos that reflect the activities of the committee and uploads them to the website.


  • Is listed as the WHOIS contact for the domain.
  • Ensures renewal of domain and payment of domain fees.
  • Administers the emails (ex., and forwards them to the appropriate committee members.
  • Ensures renewal of website application and payment of website fees.
  • Trains incoming committee members on the proper use of the website.
  • Maintains links on archdiocesan website.
  • Monitors Facebook page and website.

Publicity Officer

  • Keep the membership informed and stimulate an interest in the GHACCYO through
    • Monthly GHACCYO Newsletter
    • Other publications (ex: Catholic Herald)
  • Contacts parishes in the archdiocese to include GHACCYO information on parish websites, bulletins, and publications.
  • Contacts youth organizations in the archdiocese to include GHACCYO information on websites and publications (ex. schools, GS website resources, AHG website resources, etc)
  • Shall perform such other duties as are usual to this office.

Program Coordinators

  • Provide support to Mentors to ensure all Catholic youth have access to the NFCYM and AHG award programs.
  • Create and deliver content for youth days (orientations, workshops, retreats) hosted by the GHACCYO.
  • Be available to Mentors and respond to inquiries and questions in a timely fashion.
  • Conduct an orientation interview with award candidates and approve award project (Spirit Alive, Missio Dei, Woman of Integrity, Archbishop’s Gold).
  • Provide resources for award pages on website.
  • Award levels:
    • God is Love (K-1)
    • Family of God (2-3)
    • I Live My Faith (4-5)
    • Mary, the First Disciple (6-8)
    • The Spirit Alive (9-10)
    • Missio Dei (11-12)
    • God and My Family (Tenderheart)
    • God and My Country (Explorer)
    • God and My Community (Pioneer)
    • Woman of Integrity (Patriot)

Event Coordinators

  • Coordinate the planning of a specific GHACCYO event, such as workshops weekends, Patch Days, Puff Up, adult awards brunch, camps, etc.
  • Create a team to help with event.
  • Work with Vice Chair to find and secure location/venues for event.
  • Provide Webmaster with information for posting event on the website (date, time, place, registration details, cost, etc).
  • Develop the agenda for the event and make arrangements with outside resources as necessary.
  • Maintain contact with representative at host parish or venue and act as the GHACCYO representative to the host location. Confirm the reservation and arrange for any needs at the facility (media or furniture arrangements, for example).
  • Address any facility concerns that arise on the day of the event.
  • Assure that adequate staff, supplies, and materials are obtained in advance of the event.
  • Communicate with the Vice Chair the plans for the event as they emerge for the Vice Chair’s approval.

Adult Awards Coordinator

  • Coordinate the nominations for Adult Awards each year.
  • Create a team to help with Adult Award process.
  • Verify nominated adults meet the requirements of the GHACCYO and the awards they are nominated for.
  • Decide on Adult Award recipients based on nominations.
  • Obtain the awards and present them at the appropriate ceremony (eg. GHACCYO Award Ceremony, Adult Award Brunch etc)
  • Provide details of the Adult Awards, and their recipients, to the Webmaster for listing on the website.


Trainers must meet the membership requirements as well as have experience moderating one or more of the NFCYM or AHG award programs.
  • Maintain Mentor training materials.
  • Provide training instruction to potential Mentors.
  • Provide Webmaster and Publicity Officer with information for posting training session on the website (date, time, place).
  • Understand, implement, and present current GHACCYO program guidelines, goals, and principles.
  • Understand and present NFCYM and AHG program level(s) objectives and requirements.


  • Promote the NFCYM  and AHG award programs within their community (parish, youth organization, etc).
  • Register on the GHACCYO website and stay up to date on requirements (training, Safe Haven, etc).
  • Assist youth in obtaining workbooks and completing award requirements.
  • Ensure youth (and parents) understand program requirements and deadlines.
  • Serve as a spiritual guide and mentor to youth as they work on their award.
  • Register youth being mentored on GHACCYO website.
  • Review books of mentored youth to verify completion of requirements, including signatures.
  • Collect award applications, evaluations, and fees from mentored youth and submit to GHACCYO.
  • Coordinate parish awards ceremony for awards being presented at the parish level. The Mentor ensures awards are presented by a priest or deacon and in a public setting (not a weekly troop meeting).
  • Encourage other adults in their community to become trained as Mentors.

At Large Members

  • Attend GHACCYO committee meetings and events.
  • Fill limited-term needs as identified by the Chair or Vice Chair.
  • Pray for the work of the GHACCYO and for the youth impacted by these activities.
  • Work in a learning mode with the intent of holding a defined committee position in the following year.

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