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The Spirit Alive

NOTE: The Mentor role in this program is much different than for the other programs. The Youth must work with a Program Coordinator for this award.

Notes for Youth

  • An orientation is required before beginning work on this award.
Schedule an Orientation
  • Project requirements (Chapter 4):
    • Each youth must complete his/her own project.
    • Use the chart in the appendix of book to determine a good project.
    • Projects must take a minimum of 6 hours over at least 1 month.
    • Submit Project Proposal worksheet to Program Coordinator - project must be approved by a Program Coordinator by January 15th in order to receive the award at the spring ceremony.
    • Submit 1-paragraph Project Summary when the project is complete.
  • Meet with Program Coordinator for an exit interview once project and award book are complete.

Notes for Parents

Notes for Mentors

(Adult Moderators/Advisors)

  • Register Youth before attending Orientation.
  • Encourage Youth as they complete all 4 chapters in the book.
  • Verify all requirements are met (review award book).
  • Ensure forms are properly filled out and signed.
  • Take completed books to the parish designate for signature.
  • Submit award applications and pay fees.

Required Adult Training

(see Adult Training page for more details)
  • Safe Haven (formerly called VIRTUS)
  • GHACCYO Mentor Training
  • GHACCYO The Spirit Alive Training

The Spirit Alive medalThe Spirit Alive patchThis program is designed for Catholic youth entering high school. It assists them in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives, calling them to greater participation in the church's ministry. The four chapters cover: The Holy Spirit Alive in Scripture, The Holy Spirit Alive in the Catholic Church, The Holy Spirit Alive in Prayer, The Holy Spirit Alive in Your Life.

Activities are an integral part of The Spirit Alive process. Because different people have different learning styles, there are four categories of activities to choose from for chapters 1-3: written, artistic, interactive, digital.

The adult leader guide can be purchased separately. Each youth needs his/her own book.


  • Application Form - The Spirit Alive Medal (p. 39)

Don't forget! 4 signatures are needed on the application:

 1. Youth   3. Mentor (Adult Moderator/Advisor
 2. Parent  4. Parish Designate

The Spirit Alive book

Age of Youth

9th and 10th Grade

Approximate Commitment

1 year
Service Project

Award Received At

Archdiocesan Ceremony
Parish Ceremony
Troop Ceremony

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