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2020-21 Committee

Prince of Peace
Fr. Ryan Stawaisz
Executive Officers:
Chair Paul Stoessel
Vice Chair Jeanne Chucle
Secretary Jennifer Childress
Treasurer Jeanne Chucle
Registrar Tracy Rijken
Historian Emily Tarco
Webmaster Tracy Rijken
Publicist Callie Day
Other Officers:
Adult Awards Darren Chumbley
Adult Training Betsy Culbreth (AHG)
Tracy Rijken (NFCYM)
Award Ceremony Jeanne Chucle
Launch Day Jennifer DellaCrosse
Puff Up *OPEN*
Program Coordinators:
God is Love (NFCYM) Letizia Guillen
Darren Chumbley
Family of God (NFCYM) Darren Chumbley
I Live My Faith (NFCYM) Darren Chumbley
Teri Schweiss
Mary, The First Disciple (NFCYM) Teri Schweiss
The Spirit Alive (NFCYM) Emily Tarco
Janet Heppard
Laura Thomson
Mary Gedelian
Missio Dei (NFCYM) Betsy Culbreth
God and My Family (AHG) Jennifer Childress
Misty Schleicher
God and My Country (AHG) Julie Smaistrla
Teri Schweiss
God and My Community (AHG) Laura Thomson
Marie Romero
Woman of Integrity (AHG) Emily Tarco
Suzanne Scheller
Archbishop's Gold Betsy Culbreth
Emily Tarco
Janet Heppard
Laura Thomson
Mary Gedelian

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