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  1. What is a Mentor?
    A Mentor is an adult who guides youth working on a religious award and helps them through the process. Other terms for this role include Adult Advisor, Mentor, and Point of Contact.

  2. What does a Mentor do?
    A Mentor guides youth to complete the tasks required for the award, checks work, and submits application to the GHACCYO.

  3. Who can be a Mentor?
    Any adult can be a Mentor if he/she is

    • a fully-initiated, practicing Catholic
    • Safe Haven (formerly VIRTUS) trained
    • GHACCYO trained
    • registered on the GHACCYO website
  4. What are the prerequisites for being a Mentor?
    Mentors must

  5. How do I become a Mentor?

  6. How long are the training classes?
    About one hour each.

  7. How do I sign up for a training class?
    Sign up at Adult Training. Classes are pre-recorded so you can watch them at any time.

  8. I was a Mentor in the past, but haven't done it for a while. Can I pick up where I left off?
    If you registered as a Mentor last year, you may pick up where you left off. If you were not registered as a Mentor last year, you will have to re-take the training.

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