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2022-23 Committee

Behind the medals, behind the Mentors, behind the Youth, is the
GHAC Committee YO.

We need many helpers to bring this program to our Archdiocese. If you are interested in helping in a capacity other than being a Mentor, you are warmly invited to be a member of the Committee or someone we can ask when we need extra hands. You can ask any member of the Committee for more information.

Is God calling you to have an active role in contributing to this exciting growth?


Archdiocesan Liaison:

*OPEN* Tim Colbert

Executive Officers:

Chair Jeanne Chucle
Vice Chair Paul Stoessel
Secretary *OPEN*
Treasurer Paul Stoessel
Registrar Tracy Rijken
Historian Emily Tarco
Webmaster Tracy Rijken
Publicist Paul Stoessel

Program Coordinators:

God is Love (NFCYM) Letizia Guillen
Family of God (NFCYM) Donna Sisak
Eloise Starr
I Live My Faith (NFCYM) Jennifer DellaCrosse
Mary, The First Disciple (NFCYM) Jodie Estimbo
Laurie Dawson
Maribeth Cremer
The Spirit Alive (NFCYM) Janet Heppard
Mary Gedelian
Missio Dei (NFCYM) Betsy Culbreth
God and My Family (AHG) Michelle Vazquez
Paul Stoessel
God and My Country (AHG) Julie Smaistrla
Teri Schweiss
God and My Community (AHG) Jennifer DellaCrosse
Megan Bostick
Woman of Integrity (AHG) Emily Tarco
Archbishop's Gold Betsy Culbreth
Emily Tarco
Janet Heppard
Mary Gedelian

At Large Members

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