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I Live My Faith

Notes for Parents

Notes for Mentors

(Adult Advisers)

  • Register Youth before submitting award applications.
  • Provide opportunities for youth to complete all 4 chapters in the book.
  • Verify service project meets requirements and only being used for this award (no double-dipping with other awards).
  • Verify all requirements are met (review award book).
  • Verify completed conclusion at the end of the book.
  • Ensure forms are properly filled out and signed.
  • Take completed books to the parish designate for signature.
  • Arrange parish ceremony (optional).
  • Submit award applications and pay fees.

Required Adult Training

(see Adult Training page for more details)
  • Safe Haven (formerly called VIRTUS)
  • GHACCYO Mentor Training
  • GHACCYO I Live My Faith Training

I Live My Faith patchI Live My Faith medalThe I Live My Faith program is designed to help youth grades 4 & 5, appreciate more deeply the place that God and religion occupy in their daily lives.

The adult guide can be found at the end of the I Live My Faith workbook (pages 33-37).

There are 4 chapters. Each chapter has the following sections to be completed:

  1. Discover - Yellow reflection question
  2. Connect - Purple task
  3. Connect - any 3 of the listed activities (bulletted items are separate individual tasks)
  4. Group Sharing or Family Sharing at the end of the chapter.

There is also a service project to be completed on pages 22-23. If possible, keep a photo record of what was done. At the end of the program is a Conclusion to complete.

Keep all work in a binder (digital activities can be printed or attached on a flash drive). 


  • I Live My Faith Adult/Adviser Evaluation (p. 38) – filled out by parent
  • I Live My Faith Youth Evaluation (p. 39) – filled out by youth earning the award
  • Application to Diocesan Youth Director for I Live My Faith Medal (p. 40)

Don't forget! 4 signatures are needed on the application (even though the application doesn't have separate line for each of them):

 1. Youth   3. Mentor (Adult Advisor)
 2. Parent  4. Parish Designate

Recommended changes to application form

I Live My Faith Siganture Page

I Live My Faith book

Age of Youth

4th and 5th Grade

Approximate Commitment

4 months
Service Project

Award Received At

Archdiocesan Ceremony
Parish Ceremony
Troop Ceremony

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